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A little about the people and dogs at Kennel Rennfokk.

We live just outside the old mining town Roros with the wilderness area of Femundsmarka National Park as our neighbour. Our family consists of two adults’ and two children. We are interested in winter outdoor activities such as skiing, camping and dog sledding. Keeping Greenland Dogs makes it possible for us to efficiently bring the whole family and our gear on wilderness trips. With relative ease, we can go on the lengthy trips we adults like and still keep them on a pleasant level for the children.Anne og jentene

Gisle Uren
Anne Norbech
Jenny 12 years
Inger 10 years

Kennel Rennfokk

The desire to have puppies after some of our own dogs came after having actively used Greenland Dogs for almost 10 years. We were very satisfied with the quality of our dogs, both their working qualities and their exterior. We registered the name Kennel Rennfokk in 2007, a short time before our first litter.

We are still new to breeding, but we have quite a bit of experience using Greenland dogs. We also have a well formed opinion on which qualities we desire in a good sleddog, such as true Greenland Dogs are.

At the moment we have eight Greenland Dogs. They are all good working dogs which we try to use as much as possible all year long. We use the dogs quite a bit in the winter, working them both in front of sled and pulk. Summertime is naturally less sledding, but we try to keep them in shape by running in front of a cart. Summer also gives a wonderful opportunity to focus on the individual dog. Activities such as lead dog training or pack trips are done in the summer.

Our goal as breeders

Using our dogs actively, means we also make high demands on their quality as working animals. The highest demands are made upon our dogs’ mentality. Dogs that cannot be trusted around people, especially children, or who can not work alongside other dogs, have no place on our team and will never be used as breeding stock. We also make high demands on the dogs’ willingness to work. If this is not in place, a dog is of no use on a working team.

Gisle, Einar og jentene på FlenssjøenA dog’s functionality also depends on its build and movements. A dog that is correctly built according to the breed standard, has the initial quality in build and gait to be good working dogs. In other words it is important to us that our dogs are in harmony with the breed standard. We wish for our dogs to look like true Greenland Dogs.

As breeders we take pride in producing good working dogs. To maximize their potential, we want our puppies to end up in good working environments. We therefore see people interested in winter outdoor activities to be ideal to give new homes to our puppies.

Read more about our dogs on the page våre hunder (our dogs).